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Mediation is a process where an impartial person ( the mediator) helps two or more people or groups of people to discuss and resolve disputes.

The mediator will guide those in a dispute to communicate with each other and will provide the right environment which will allow the issues of concern to be discussed. The mediator will help the participants to find solutions that are acceptable to everybody involved.

Mediation is  a confidential process which is controlled by the parties. Sara Lloyd Evans is a solicitor with over 15 years experience. She might be in a position to provide the participants with information about what the law says in a particular circumstance but she will do so from a neutral perspective.

Offers made during  the mediation process are made on a without prejudice basis and therefore the participants do not compromise their position in attempting to resolve the matter through mediation.

If an agreement is reached in mediation, and only when put in writing and signed will it became a binding contract.

When should I mediate?

There is never  a wrong time to mediate and the decision to mediate is often a matter of balancing risk against costs. Mediation can take place at any time, so long as both parties agree to mediation. Mediation can occur before court proceedings are issued or during court proceedings.

The process is voluntary and no party can be forced into mediation. However the court do expect that the parties have attempted to settle in mediation or other form of dispute resolution process


Mediation should take place at a neutral venue or a venue which both parties feel comfortable using.  Your Mediator will discuss your requirements with you and ensure that the venue is convenient and appropriate. Depending on the nature of the dispute it is likely the mediation Virtual Mediation

Sara is experienced in chairing virtual meetings and has conducted several court hearings and trials using video platforms. The mediation process could be conducted using zoom or Teams.

The process may take half a day to a full day.

Benefits of Mediation

  1. Average mediation lasts a day
  2. 75-80% of cases settle on the day of mediation
  3. 10-15% of cases settle shortly after
  4. Cost Effective
  5. Preserves Relationships

Family Mediation

Family Law is often associated with separation and divorce, but family mediation is about much broader disagreements between family members, inheritance and conflicts within family businesses.

Sara is an experienced  olicitor and her experience in dealing with delicate, complex and emotionally charged situations makes her  a skilled and effective  mediator in dealing with family breakdowns Divorce, remarriage, DIY wills, cohabitation, contribute to the rise of inheritance disputes. Mediation offers a chance of settlement but also a chance of healing strained relationships. Sara has seen over the years  how emotional and acrimonious inheritance disputes can be.

Breakdowns in family businesses can be devastating. These types of disputes make them very suitable for mediation where the dispute can be resolved promptly and avoid the costs of court proceedings

Our Family Mediation can assist you with :

  1. Family Business Mediation
  2. Family Trust Mediation
  3. Inheritance Mediation
  4. Probate Mediation

Business Mediation

This can include a wide range of matters including disputes involving

  1. Property and Land
  2. Partnership and Shareholders
  3. Contracts
  4. It can also assist companies in resolving internal disputes between employees and directors and to minimise tension which can make workplaces toxic. This is incredibly advantageous  when the cost of recruitment and training is considered.

Mediation and the Public Sector

Mediation has valuable advantages in resolving disputes involving public bodies. The process can save money and can avoid publicity. The process is flexible and the settlement is tailored and unique.

Sara has significant experience of working with public bodies across Wales and she understands the need to deal with matters sensitively and she would be able to tailor the process to the needs of  the case

We can  deal with disputes involving all aspects of public and administrative, regulatory, local government and disciplinary :

  1. Judicial Review
  2. Local Government
  3. Complaints
  4. Planning
  5. Environment
  6. Highways
  7. Compulsary Purchase
  8. Housing
  9. Licensing
  10. Education
  11. Health


The fee will always be clear and proportionate to the value of the dispute. You will receive an individual quote after initial discussion of the matter.

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