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Will dispute

Loosing a loved one can often lead to family arguments and tension. When there is suspicion about the validity or authenticity of the deceased’s will family difficulties will be compounded.  Disputes can also arise in the absence of a Will, or, if one was made just before the deceased’s death.

Claims are often made to overturn a Will on the basis that:

  1. It has not been completed or drafted correctly;
  2. The deceased did not understand the Will due to illness or incapacity;
  3. There are suspicious circumstances when the Will was made
  4. The deceased had been pressured into making the Will.
  5. The last Will differs greatly from earlier Wills.

We will deal with any Probate disputes with sensitivity but in a proactive and organised way.

We can advise you in situation where you have been excluded from a will, or in circumstances when there is no will and you are struggling financially. 

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